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Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve followed the advice from friends in supportive FaceBook groups, but you’re still not anywhere near page 1. Your friends are getting found by their ideal clients, so, why not you?

You’ve invested in an SEO course, but it all sounds a bit spammy. You followed the instructions, but still don’t rank. Now the course tutor is ignoring your emails and not able to explain your lack of performance.

You’ve watched a bunch of SEO tutorials described as ‘beginner’, but the course tutor sounds like they’re speaking a foreign language that you don’t understand. Where do you even start?

You’ve invested in a highly recommended SEO course from a well-respected SEO expert. You’ve completed a bunch of lessons, the weeks and months pass and you are STILL not getting the results that your friends are.

We’ve Don’t Believe in SEO Courses!

Wait, what?? Let us explain. Who is the best person to figure out what the hell is wrong with your website? We believe It isn’t you.

Sure, you can learn SEO best practices. Diagnosing complex problems and coming up with the right strategy? Leave that for an SEO expert.


Technical SEO issues identified and fixed for you.


Strategy guidance that removes the guesswork.


Work with an active pro photographer who ranks.


Be part of a small and friendly VIP community of clients.


Learn during live coaching calls, not on your own.


Learn in a friendly space, without the overwhelm.

Introducing Photo SEO Lab Academy Membership

Everything you need to succeed

Our packages run for 12 months, which is long enough for us to fix whatever hot mess you’re in and get you ranking. 

We don’t do stressy overwhelming emails that you don’t understand. All coaching and support take place via live chat where you’ll be coached, at your own pace, to give you the skills and knowledge to succeed in the long term. 


Key Features Include…

Bespoke Strategies

Strategies based on YOUR situation in YOUR location, with YOUR unique aims. We don’t do cookie-cutter here (unless it’s real cookies!)

VIP FaceBook Group

We have a small and personal VIP FaceBook group where our clients can ask questions, get support, and learn about updates from Google.

Knowledge Base

Learn from an active professional wedding photographer who’s been studying SEO since 2007, and who actively books works from the techniques she shares.

Group Challenges

We have regular group challenges on various aspects of SEO that will help you build more website traffic whilst we work 1-2-1 on your website.

Instructor Support

Book a 15-min quick question chat whenever you like directly through the website, or ask in our friendly and supportive VIP support group.

Banish Overwhelm

Stressing out about dealing with developers or your hosting company? We can negotiate on your behalf or project manage your hot mess.

Meet Your New Support Team

Your coaching calls will all be with Karen. If you need further technical help with complex web development issues, messy migrations, or design solutions for landing pages, you’ll be relieved to know we work with a bunch of friendly experts who can help.

One of these talented and highly skilled creative geeks will be able to look after you.

Feel free to contact them directly, they’ll be happy to provide you with a bespoke quote.

Kowshik Ahmed

Kowshik Ahmed

Web Development

Web developer extraordinaire, the patience of a saint and the web dev skills you need for smooth migrations and messy server situations.

Suzanne Black

Suzanne Black

Web Designer & Developer

Owner of Black Creative media, Suzanne is one of our go-to experts for gorgeous landing pages, complete re-designs & design trouble-shooting.

Yvette Craig

Yvette Craig

Web Designer & Developer

Owner of Lemonade Design Co. Yvette one of our go-to experts for gorgeous landing pages, complete re-designs & design trouble-shooting.

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